Saturday, June 30, 2012




When will the oil companies or gasoline retailers move into the 21st century?  Why is this $0.009 price still shown on the signs and pumps of these retailers?  How much money could be saved by eliminating that digit from the pumps and signs around the country?  It has annoyed me for several years; but, now, borders on the ridiculous!

The majority of the people I know don't care whether the price is $3.24/3.23/ pick it.  It seems to be more a matter of convenience (hasn't it always been?), i.e., how easily can I get to the pump from the street?  The frequent price fluctuations make that tenth of a cent totally irrelevant and downright silly.  If I fill up my 20-gallon gas tank and I pay $3.24 per gallon vs $3.23 9/10, I save two cents!  Wow...  Hey, retailers, if you eliminated that nine-tenths of a cent you could make more of a cent on EVERY gallon.  Am I the only person that sees this as a way for oil companies to make more money?  

Perhaps when gasoline was $0.19 per gallon that $0.009 meant something (when was that 1960 - that's fifty years ago!)  What if I wanted to buy EXACTLY one gallon of gasoline and then pay for it...could any retailer give me one-tenth of a cent in change????  Is there anything marketed and priced in this fashion?  (By the way, can a person even buy ANYTHING for a penny anymore?  That may be a topic for a later "Rambling")

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