Friday, December 2, 2011


Interesting Photo Op…

Last summer while enjoying a hike along Segment 9 of the Colorado Trail in the Leadville area with family members, we came to a scenic spot for a rest/lunch break.  The segment is about fourteen miles long and this hillside was probably about nine or ten miles into the hike.  Much of the trail was wooded and this was really one of the the first opportunities for some distant scenic viewing.


After a fifteen-minute rest we continued on our way and finished the hike in good fashion.  So, what is so interesting about this photo op?

Well, each year the Colorado Trail Foundation has an picnic to celebrate the Trail, to recognize those who assist in maintaining the trail, and to just have a good time.  As a long-time “constructor”, “maintainer”, and supporter of this spectacular trail, we receive an invitation to this picnic each year.  (It is held at Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, Colorado.  However, living over a thousand miles away makes it unattendable…)  However, this year the photo on the postcard invitation grabbed my attention.


The photograph on the postcard was taken from almost exactly the same spot (note the small rock in the middle of the trail and the short pine tree just as the trail continues uphill.)  There is a little less snow in the postcard picture.  And, just prior to our rest stop we had “endured” about fifteen minutes of mixed hail and rain…hence “our” sky is not quite as blue as the CTF sky.  (Thanks Erin, Greg, and Nick for hiking with me and for being the “models”.)

Wow...wish I could have been along on this trip....what a bummer of a vacation.....

Tim Cruser
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