Sunday, November 15, 2009



I've developed an interest recently in geocaching. It is sort of a high-tech treasure hunt. One utilizes GPS (global positioning system) technology to search for "junk" hidden by other geocachers; Wikipedia also has an excellent description of the technology involved. describes the activity as "The sport where you are the search engine". There are nearly a million caches hidden all over the world, and several in our neighborhood. So, when we take our walks around the city, we make it a point to do some searching for hidden "junk".

Amanda, Sarah, Maya and I have found numerous caches in recent weeks. I've not done much in the hiding end of the "sport"; but, years ago I did hide (and do maintain) one in the vicinity of the REI on Westheimer.

I also am a fan of geocaching (geojrh).
On a sad note; are you aware of the passing of Dr. Ron Robbinson (Aug 30 in College Station)?
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