Friday, January 16, 2009


Half-Way Point

The Boston Celtics reached the half-way point in the current NBA season with a record of 32-9, two games behind their pace during last year's championship run. This season, to date, has produced a couple of high points - a franchise-record, 19-game win streak during November and December, and a 27-2 mark after 29 games, the best start in NBA history for a team with two losses. After a Christmas day loss to the "hated" Los Angeles Lakers, which ended the nineteen-game winning streak, Boston lost six of their next eight games. Hopefully, that will simply be a small bump in the road to another championship in June.

The "Big 3" have performed well again so far; their "numbers" are down only slightly this year. The bench has not played as well as expected; they have not been able to maintain leads consistently when the starters are resting. James Posey is definitely missed, the only thing consistent about Tony Allen has been his inconsistency. Kendrick Perkins and Tony Allen have missed a few games; but, injuries have not played much of a role so far. I expect the GM, Danny Ainge, to make a move, or two, prior to the trading deadline in February to obtain some length and added firepower to come off the bench. Otherwise, it will be tough to get past Orlando, Cleveland, or Los Angeles at playoff time.

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