Saturday, November 22, 2008


Celtics Update

Fourteen games into the NBA season and the Celtics have the same record, 12 - 2, as they had last season. This is despite the fact that offensively they have not really had a great game yet - a couple of good games, yes; but, no games where everything went well. They are winning games with their defense. And, they really should have won one of the games that was lost. Not unexpectedly, KG (Kevin Garnett) remains the heart and soul of the team. His intensity is amazing! 2008 Finals MVP, Paul Pierce continues to be the scoring leader with KG and Ray Allen not far behind. Tony Allen and Leon Powe have played well off the bench. Point guard, Rajon Rondo, remains somewhat inconsistent from game to game. If Boston can get their offense in gear, look out NBA!

Garnett posting up former Celtic, Al Jefferson

Pierce driving to the basket

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