Sunday, October 26, 2008


Strouds - Belize Trip

Rob, Kristin, Will and Jack recently made a trip to Belize to deliver fifty boxes of library books to a small school (Sunday Wood School) in the southern part of the country. These books resulted from a book drive sponsored by Will and Jack's school (St. Andrews Episcopal) in Amarillo.

Kristin reported that they flew to the remote area and drove for hours on a dirt road. The road was so bad that four lug nuts came off the truck's wheels. The townspeole were very excited to have the books (they just recently got electricity through solar panels donated by a political party who was up for re-election).

The one-room school house educated all ages of children.

A typical Belizean hut. Jack started writing a pen pal, Darrell, who lives in Valley of Peace, Belize, with his seven brothers and sisters in a one-room, Maya-style thatched hut. When they met Darrell, Jack was amazed that so many people lived in such a small house and that they shared their space with roosters, turkeys, and chickens. Jack thought it was cool that they all slept in hammocks.

Jack and the starfish

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