Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Banner No. 17

So, with the addition of Allen and Garnett, there were a lot of hopes riding on the 2007-08 NBA season. Could the new "Big 3" rival the old "Big 3" (Parish, Bird, and McHale)?

Yes, they could! The 07-08 Celts led from the opening bell and will be hanging Banner No. 17 from the rafters on opening night, October 28.

We watched nearly all of the regular season (and playoff) games during the past year; the Celtics provided us with a lot of enjoyment, thrills, and entertainment. As Amanda says, "It is fun to win". (She is a converted Celtics fan...once upon a time she followed the Rockets).

So, watching all of these basketball games made it difficult to do much blogging (that's my excuse).

Banner #17 was that much sweeter, since it came against the Lakers.....and they completely dominated them!!
The C's wire-to-wire domination of the NBA required a bit of tight-rope walking along the way, but ended without a second question about who the best team in the NBA is.
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