Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Celtic Season Recap...and Lottery

It's been a tough season for us die-hard Boston Celtic fans. We mourned the loss of patriarch, Red Auerbach, just prior to the beginning of the season; and, later, the premature passing of former star, Dennis Johnson. We suffered through a season filled with injuries to nearly every player on the roster. And, we wound up with a record of 24 - 58, the second worst record in the NBA. Looking back, the bright spots were the play of Al Jefferson and Rajon Rondo. The only other bright spot, if there was one as the season wore on, was the possibility of winning the draft lottery and selecting Greg Oden or Kevin Durant, either of whom might return the storied franchise to its previous days of glory. Alas, the bad luck continued tonight as the Celtics wound up with the fifth selection in the draft, which was the worst pick they could get considering their season finish. It remains to be seen at this time whether they will trade this pick for a proven veteran to go with their very youthful team, or whether they will continue their "youth movement" and be mired in mediocrity for the foreseeable future.

Hey!!! How about an update every once in a while??? No thoughts on the new Big 3 of Pierce, KG, and Allen????
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