Saturday, October 28, 2006


A Sad Week

This was a sad week as two of my idols passed away. On Monday, Todd Skinner, a world-renowned rock climber, fell to his death in Yosemite National Park. Apparently, the belay loop broke on his climbing harness as he was descending a fixed rope on Leaning Tower. Skinner made numerous free-climbing first ascents around the world. The San Francisco Chronicle carried the story here.

On Saturday, Arnold "Red" Auerbach, Boston Celtic coaching legend, passed away at age 89. The Boston Globe, in an excellent article, chronicled the life and times of the greatest coach in the history of the NBA here.

Yeah, it's sad to see Red go. I remember so many night when you and I'd watch the C's play with Red in the stands.

On another note....seems you are a bit more regular with your blogging than lil' Jeffie. You'll have to get on him aout that. :)
I'll see if I can get Jeffie to keep us a bit more informed on their "doings".

Thanks for the commment. Yep, we watched a lot of basketball and hockey together, didn't we?
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